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22 Jul 2016
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Whether you are team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct there are plenty of opportunities in the Myrtle Beach area to catch Pokemon, battle at the gyms, or collect items at Pokestops. There are several safe spots to take your little ones, and get in some shopping for yourself. Broadway at the Beach, Market Commons, The Boardwalk and Brookgreen Gardens are just a few stops. Since they are more populated stops, you will see many Pokestops and even lures pop up on your map. The Broadway at the Beach map is pictured below. The Blue Diamonds are Pokestops. One magical flip of your finger and you will collect extra pokeballs, potions to revive your Pokemon, lucky eggs, incense, razz berries, and lure modules. The blue diamonds with the pink floating around them, indicates a lure module has been dropped. Once a lure module is dropped, wild Pokemon will flock to that location and it makes them super easy to catch!

Broadway at the Beach Pokemon Map

Broadway at the Beach sits on a 350 acre property and is loaded with stores, entertainment and the best food Myrtle Beach can offer. It also has over 15 pokestops and a few gyms. Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Eevee are a few of the more popular Pokemons that have been popping up. However since you are near the water and around other people, other rare Pokemon will pop up in this area. Since you're on vacation, you will catch different Pokemon than what you will catch back home. Enjoy your vacation at Myrtle Beach. Put your toes in the sand and feet in the water. Take in the shopping and let your little one catch some Pokemon!