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Myrtle Beach and Tax Free Weekend for big savings
Posted by Hope | Monday, July 29, 2019

How did we get so close to the end of July already? The summer is going by way to quickly and school is just around the corner. Did you get your Myrtle Beach vacation in before the kids head back to the drudgery of hitting the books!

It’s not too late to head to the beach for a last hurrah of summer! If you have not been to Myrtle Beach, we can even give you plenty of reasons to head this way!

Are you ready for school shopping? No? I don’t think anyone is quite ready to give up their summer yet. However, we have some fantastic Factory Outlet stores in Myrtle Beach. Tanger Outlets offer every shop imaginable for your kids to head back to school in style! Oh, and can’t forget Broadway at the Beach, Market Common and Barefoot Landing too, not to mention Coastal Grand Mall. These are not just summer shopping venues and touristy attractions! These Myrtle Beach hot spots offer an array of boutiques open year round to discover some cute fashions and accessories that are not to be found anywhere else. Here is another “carrot of enticement” to get you here…the annual tax-free weekend!! That’s right, a whole weekend of savings and not paying taxes!

In addition to the tax free weekend, Booe Realty would like to inform everyone that our already low rates are getting lower starting this Saturday August 3rd. Peak season rates are in the books so you can save even more on your vacation before sending your children back to school. How’s that for saving and saving more???

Below are lists of supplies that you can stock up on tax free!

School Supplies

Art supplies
Binders and folders
Daily planners or organizers
Glue, tape, staplers, staples
Highlighters and markers
Lunch boxes
Musical instruments
Notebooks and paper
Pencils, sharpeners, erasers
School uniforms
Sport uniforms

Bed and Bath

Bath mats and rugs
Bed duvets and covers
Bed skirts and dust ruffles
Bed sheets and sheet sets
Bed spreads and comforters
Blankets and throws
Mattress pads and toppers
Pillow cases and shams
Pillows (all types)
Shower curtains and liners
Towels (all types and sizes)


Belts and suspenders
Hair accessories
Hats and caps
Purses and handbags
Neckties and bow ties

Active wear
Exercise clothing
Athletic uniforms
Leotards and tights
Hunting and ski clothing

Dresses and skirts
Pants, jeans and shorts
Shirts and blouses
Socks and underwear
Suits and blazers
Sweaters and sweatshirts

Footwear (all shoes, including:)
Dance shoes
Rain boots
Orthopedic shoes

Coats (all types)
Gloves and mittens
Rainwear (raincoats, umbrellas, etc.)

Bridal gowns and veils
Formal wear (gowns, tuxedos, etc.)
Graduation caps and gowns
School uniforms
Scout uniforms

Computers and technology
Computer parts and accessories (i.e. monitors, keyboards and scanners) when sold as a package with a computer.
Computer software and service contracts (sold in conjunction with software)
Printer supplies, including replaceable ink cartridges

And don’t forget, besides our low, competitive rates, we are always offering different ways to save you money through various website specials and our very popular make-a-bid offers. Look at the many ways we can help save you money on your next vacation and help you find some great places to visit!

Remember, always BOOK DIRECT WITH US AND SAVE!!!

We’ll see you on the beach!

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Cooling off for this hot July 4th with some swimming safety tips
Posted by Hope Robbins | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Greetings from hot and sunny Myrtle Beach!! When we say hot, we mean HOT weather and HOT deals! Are you packed up and ready to head out on vacation to the Myrtle Beach? Did you pack the sunscreen? You know you’re going want to hit the water (current temperature is 85 degrees) as soon as you feel the Myrtle Beach heat! Well if you are ready for a dip in the pool or a wade in the ocean, we have put together some safety tip reminders when swimming!

Always stay in a designated area of a lifeguard. Whether you’re in the pool or the ocean, make sure you keep a visual of the lifeguard. If you can see them, they can see you.
Never swim when overly tired. You may get in a little deep and exhaustion can kick in quick. Also be aware of Rip Currents. Check out this link on rip currents and how to identify, avoid and get out if caught in one. But the main thing, don’t panic!

Always have a swim buddy. Especially in the ocean. If perchance you do get knocked down by a wave you have someone to laugh at you! But seriously, have someone with you if you wade too far out.
Avoid any distractions when supervising a child in the water and never leave them unattended. Kids have a tendency to have no fear of the water whether they swim well or not. Please, it only takes seconds for a child to drown.

Remember to protect your skin while out in the sun. Especially around water. That burn will sneak up on you faster than an ant looking for a picnic. Apply a high SPF sunscreen and apply often!!
Drink plenty of water! Being in the sun and in the water will tire you out easily and it’s easy to get dehydrated in the heat. We know sometimes you may want alcohol while out in the sun. Beware, alcohol does NOT hydrate you.

It is never a bad idea to wear protective shoes too when swimming in the ocean. You never know when a seashell might pop up or possibly a hungry blue crab that wants to nibble on your toes!
But most importantly, we want you to have loads of fun and make many life-long memories!
July 4th is creeping upon us this week too! Are you planning to take in some fireworks after a fantastic day in or near the water? If so, we have some suggestions for places that will be lighting up the sky to celebrate Independence Day! Best of all….they are FREE for all to enjoy!!

Broadway at the Beach will begin their fireworks display at 10pm! Try to get there a little early to snag a great spot!

Barefoot Landing will also begin at 10pm. Fireworks lighting up the sky over Lake Barefoot, what an awesome sight to be seen.

Marsh Walk will begin their spectacular fireworks display at 10pm, lighting up the sky with red, white and blue.

Salute from the Shores is a July 4th, South Carolina tradition to honor those serving in our military. The flyover will begin at 1pm in Cherry Grove, NMB and make way down the coast all the way to Beaufort! A spectacular sight and a tribute not to be missed.

Of course, we can’t forget the piers, Cherry Grove in North Myrtle Beach and the 2nd Avenue Pier in Myrtle Beach, sitting on the beach watching spectacular light shows illuminating the ocean!

And don’t forget, besides our low, competitive rates, we are always offering different ways to save you money through various website specials and our very popular make-a-bid offers. Look at the many ways we can help save you money on your next vacation and help you find some great places to visit!

Remember, always BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE!!!

We’ll see you on the beach!

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Myrtle Beach Vacations - Have Kids, Will Travel
Posted by Hope Robbins | Friday, June 14, 2019

Are you ready for a Myrtle Beach vacation? It's that time of year that a well-deserved and much needed relaxation time is on the horizon. We both know that you need one, and there always seems to be a reason why you’re putting it off. Is it because are you traveling with kids? Sometimes that can put the relaxation on hold when you are trying to keep them in tow and entertained!

Myrtle Beach Vacation - Traveling with Kids at a Glance

  1. Entertainment on the Car Ride to Myrtle Beach

  2. Packing Ideas for Kids on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

  3. Myrtle Beach Kid-Friendly Activities and Attractions

  4. Family-Friendly Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Myrtle Beach Vacations with Children

Myrtle Beach Vacation with Kids Details

#1 - Entertainment on the Car Ride to Myrtle Beach

Trying to reach your destination can be quite frazzling when you have little ones along for the ride. Thankfully with today’s technology, a tablet or phone can keep them entertained for a while. Depending on your mode of travel, getting to Myrtle Beach may be somewhat of a small task. If you’re driving, some road games might be fun. One suggestion that was popular during my childhood when traveling was the license plate game. Each child had a map and would color in the state of a license plate spotted! It’s a super fun and competitive game and also educational! There are many tips and games to keep the youngsters entertained.

#2 - Packing for Kids for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Packing for kids during a beach trip can be quite exhausting. You’re more than likely to forget one thing. The hardest may be packing food and snack ideas for the beach days. Easy and convenient is the way to go for your Myrtle Beach vacation with the kids.

Frozen lemonade baggies are a great option, they’re easy to pack and delicious! Pour the lemonade in a sandwich baggy and stack in the cooler (don’t forget the straws). Tada… ice cold drinks with easy clean up right on hand! (If you had a little tequila, you can have an adult drink too…just don’t mix them up!) If you have a half-empty jar of peanut butter, throw in some celery sticks for a great healthy crunchy travel treat or snack on the beach! Need some other ideas? I love the salad cups to go!

And most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen! Everyone needs a little protection from the sun, if there’s one thing you don’t want to forget, it’s the sunscreen!

#3 - Myrtle Beach Kid-Friendly Activities and Attractions

Broadway at the Beach offers lots areas for “kid friendly” fun in Myrtle Beach. Even after a hot day of walking around and looking at all the sites and attractions, there is a wonderful splash pad to cool off!Barefoot Landing is a wonderful shopping destination that sits along the waterway with an array of unique shops and entertainment in Myrtle Beach. Not to mention stopping by the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station. What kid wouldn’t want to watch the big jungle cats and cubs interact and play!North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex – Situated on the Highway 31 bypass, enjoy the many water activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, and the Aqua Park, which is massive inflatable floating playground featuring monkey bars, climbing towers, slides and more! This park may be inclined for the “older” children, but there is enough to keep the family entertained for the better part of the day!

Of course, we can’t forget Family Kingdom, Myrtle Waves and Go Karts! Best places on the beach for kid fun! There are also some places to kick back and just let the kids play when you’re ready to be done for the day!

Myrtle Beach Skywheel

#4 - Family-Friendly Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Booe Realty’s vacation rentals offer a variety of kid-friendly activities in our Myrtle Beach vacation condos and vacation home rentals. Many of the activities are FREE and on-site! Arcadian Dunes is close to the Apache Pier and has a fantastic little playground area. Beach Colony offers a lazy river, kiddie pool and huge arcade for even more kid fun! They play, while you get to relax!

Horizons is full of fun for kids offering an indoor and outdoor pool, lazy river and close to the beach! Sea Watch is full of fun with oceanfront pools, lazy rivers, hot tubs, playground AND an arcade! The kids will have a ball during their Myrtle Beach vacation. There is, after all, so much more than just an ocean view!

Start Planning Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Plan your Myrtle Beach vacation with Booe Realty! Booe Realty offers home and condo rentals in Myrtle Beach that are perfect for any family looking to go on a beach vacation. We offer low, competitive rates, we are always offering different ways to save you money through various Myrtle Beach vacation rental specials and our very popular make-a-bid offers. Save money and book direct with Booe Realty. Let us help you plan your Myrtle Beach dream vacation!

We’ll see you on the beach!

Browse Myrtle Beach Family-Friendly Vacation Rentals

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May Stays and Bike Weeks 2019
Posted by Hope Robbins | Thursday, April 18, 2019

Your Guide to Myrtle Beach in May

May is an exciting time to visit the Myrtle Beach area with the sun finally coming out from hibernation and the warm weather starting to roll in. It’s hard to keep up with all the events in between the bike festivals such as World Famous Blue Crab Festival, Veteran’s Appreciation activities, Mayfest on Main and so much more. With the beautiful Atlantic Ocean warming up and the cold weather disappearing, May is the perfect time to take a Myrtle Beach vacation. Here's your guide to Myrtle Beach in May.

#1 Harley Davidson Myrtle Beach Week

#2 Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally

#3 Mayfest on Main

#4 38th Annual Blue Crab Festival

#5 Road Wild 135 Race

#6 2019 Black Pearl Memorial Day and Bike Fest

#7 Military Appreciation Days

Why Stay in May?

The first of May sees thousands of Harley Davidson enthusiasts and other riders rolling in for the Harley Davidson’s Myrtle Beach Bike Week that ends with the Black Pearl Cultural Heritage and Bike Festival — formerly known Atlantic Beach Bikefest!It’s a great week of riding, along with other fun and festivities and ends with thousands of custom bikes and flashy cars cruising up and down the Grand Strand for the Black Pearl Cultural Heritage and Bike Fest!

#1 Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally

Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally is set for May 10-19, 2019 and will feature bike shows, vendors, tours and more around the Grand Strand. There will be hangouts like Jamin’ Leather, Beaver Bar, the Rat Hole, Suck Bang Blow, Myrtle Beach Speedway, Ocean Annie’s Beach Bar and many others.

#2 Mayfest on Main

Mayfest on Main is May 11th, 2019 The 14th Annual Mayfest on Main Festival will be held on Main Street, Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. This one day rain or shine event brings approximately 15,000 to celebrate May and the beginning of summer.

#3 38th Annual Blue Crab Festival

38th Annual Blue Crab Festival will take place on May 18th, 2019 in Little River and run until May 19th. Located at the Historic Little River Waterfront, the World Famous Blue Crab Festival is one of the largest festivals in the Southeast with attendance of about 50,000. The festival will feature live beach music, a kid’s zone, and approximately 300 arts and crafts, specialty food, and business expo vendors.

#5 Road Wild 135 Race

Road Wild 135 Race at the MB Speedway on May 11th, 2019. Road Wild 135 Race Presented by Whelen Engineering featuring Twin Races by NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Models (NWAAS) 40 Laps each race, Chargers 30 Laps, Super Trucks 40 Laps, Vintage 15 Laps.

#6 2019 Black Pearl Memorial Day and Bike Fest

2019 Black Pearl Memorial Day and Bike Fest will take place from May 24th to May 27th, 2019 (Memorial Day Weekend) in Atlantic Beach. During Memorial Weekend, people from all over the country travel here to join in festivities including: shopping, vendors, food, music, entertainment, shows, and much more!

#7 Military Appreciation Days

Military Appreciation Days takes place the whole month of May in various areas throughout the Grand Strand with a full schedule of events and parades.

In addition to all of the land activities, the deep blue sea is streaming with tons of fish varieties (Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi) making their way down south as well as plenty of bottom fish (Snapper, Grouper and Sea bass), perfect for some Myrtle Beach fishing and making a meal to remember!

Start Planning Your Myrtle Beach Vacation Today

Besides our low, competitive rates, we always offer different ways to save you money through various website specials and our very popular make-a-bid offers. Look at the many ways we can help save you money on your next vacation and help you find some great places to visit! Don’t forget to Book Direct and Save!

We’ll see you on the beach!

Start Your Search Today!

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Spring Time Fun at the Beach
Posted by Booe Realty | Friday, March 15, 2019

This year has flew by. I can’t believe spring officially hits in just a few days, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and Easter is just around the corner! If you haven’t been to the beach in the spring, you don’t know what you’re missing. The weather is rockin’ the 70’s and the water is starting to heat up!

Springtime at the beach is kind of like a prelude to the summer before the beaches get crowded. The events and the shows happening right now are not to be missed. This weekend alone is swinging with St. Patrick’s Day festivals and parades! A fun time definitely to be had! Check out all the happenings for yourself.

31st Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival

Luck of the Marshwalk

St. Paddy's Boulevard Bash - Myrtle Beach

Irish Fest at Market Common

St. Patrick's on the Avenue - Broadway at the Beach

With Spring Break and Easter following in close behind, you should check out our special offers to get a quick getaway to Myrtle Beach before summer starts rolling in. Right now you can get free nights or save 15% leaving you more money in your pocket to participate in all the on-goings in Myrtle Beach right now.

And don’t forget, besides our low, competitive rates, we are always offering different ways to save you money through various website specials, make-a-bid offers and Vacation E-Z Payment programs. Look at the many ways we can help save you money on your next vacation and help you find some great places to visit!


We’ll see you on the beach!

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Top 5 Myrtle Beach Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals
Posted by Booe Realty | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

When making your Myrtle Beach vacation plans, we know that some of you have to include making accommodation plans for that special 4-legged family member. Instead of dealing with the hassle of finding a pet-sitter or boarding your pup, take your furry friend with you on your Myrtle Beach vacation! Booe Realty offers many pet-friendly accommodations with choices of 6-bedroom oceanfront homes to cozy two bedroom condos. Here are five recommended pet-friendly properties offered for your stay here in Myrtle Beach.


The Beachcomber offers astounding views of the ocean and is located on Myrtle Beach’s famous Golden Mile. This vacation rental offers a large yard for your pup to play in and also a second story sunroom for you and your dog to soak up the rays and enjoy the ocean views.

Jules at the Beach

Jules at the Beach provides easy access to the beach from the much requested Arcadian Shores section on the north end of Myrtle Beach. This home is situated on a large lot, making it a perfect fit for your canine companion to play.

Green Cottage

Green Cottage offers a screened in porch and large yard for your fur babies to run around. It is a great place for family, friends, and your pets!

Summer Time

Summer Time is a 2-bedroom cozy condo that is close to many attractions such as the Alabama Theater, Barefoot Landing shopping center, and many local seafood restaurants. Enjoy the many activities in the area with your family and four-legged friend when you choose the Summer Time condos for your Myrtle Beach vacation!

Ocean Dunes Villa

Ocean Dunes Villas offers 2-bedroom condos that are just steps away from the beach. There’s no better way to start your day than with a walk on the beach with your puppy!

Myrtle Beach is a very welcoming city to pets, find more information on bringing what to do with your dogs when you bring them on your Myrtle Beach vacation. Enjoy a relaxing beach vacation with your family and dog when you book one of these Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rentals. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call and our team will be glad to help you!

Don’t forget, besides our low, competitive rates, we are always offering different ways to save you money through various website specials, make-a-bid offers and Vacation E-Z Payment programs. Book direct and save with Booe Realty!

We’ll see you on the beach!

Vacation Rentals Myrtle Beach

Book with the Locals Direct and Save
Posted by Booe Realty | Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Book Direct and Save Booe Realty

In case you missed it…we are now in the days of marketing where you will hear “BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE” a lot. What does book direct and save mean you ask? Did you know you could be paying up to 10% to 15% and possibly more when you book your vacation or hotel through the “Big Online Websites” also known as “Online Travel Agents” (OTA’s)? You are not only potentially paying more for your vacation, but you are paying these OTA’s a “service fee” for using their site to book OUR inventory of properties!

Yes, when booking your vacation on these OTA’s such as Homeaway, VRBO, AirBnB, and Expedia (to name a few), you pay “service” fees in order to use these sites to book your vacation? These fees are percentage based, costing you so much more when booking. Why not save this money for your seafood feast and the many activities that await you by booking with a local agency like Booe Realty!

Sound the bells……. Today is National #BookDirect Day. What that means is, as a local expert, we are urging you to be aware of the costs associated with these “OTA’s” and we strongly encourage you to #BookDirect for bigger and better savings. OTA’s don’t offer specials and discounts. PLUS, by booking direct with us, you ‘ll be speaking with someone that is local, lives local and has actual knowledge of the area……not just reading the description from a website.

Our reservation specialists live and breathe the beach. When you talk with one of us, you know you’re talking with a local expert who knows the area. We know the area events and we want to know you. We, here at Booe Realty, are more than happy to help you find the best vacation property possible to fit your needs by utilizing our local knowledge! #BookDirect, not only for your next vacation at the beach but EVERY vacation at the beach.

We'd love to help you save money! Visit us at or call us at 1-800-845-0647.

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