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Booe Realty's Commitment to Clean

During the uncertain and unprecedented times that we, as a human race, are facing while we battle the Covid-19 virus, there is one thing for certain and that is we are all in this together. With this change comes change. What we are referring to is the way Booe Realty performs its housekeeping duties. We have totally revamped the way we prepare our vacation rental properties before we allow our guests to check-in and enter the property. Although our guest’s safety has always been at the top of our list of priorities, please know that your safety and welfare is still on the top of this list. It has just been enhanced…a lot! Rest assured that your property is clean, sanitized and ready for you to take that much needed and deserved vacation to Myrtle Beach! Enjoy!

Our Housekeeping Team is committed to you and your family. We strive to ensure you can enjoy this slower time with your loved ones at the beach, while being sure it is safe to do so. Below are some enhancements we have incorporated into our policies for every vacation rental, in addition to the existing superior housekeeping Booe Realty excels in.


Enhanced Cleaning and Safety Standards

  • "Wait Time": Remaining out of properties until any potential threat has naturally been eliminated
  • Protective Equipment: All housekeeping staff is properly equipped with masks and gloves
  • Cleaning Products: Using only EPA approved, industrial-grade cleaning supplies intended to kill viruses
  • Surfaces: Sanitizing all surfaces with virucide disinfectants
  • High Touch Points: Taking extra care cleaning all light switches, door knobs, remotes, refrigerator handles, or any other steel/metal surfaces that hold the virus the longest
  • Soft Surfaces: Disinfecting and sanitizing all beds/mattresses
  • Commerical Grade Laundry: Providing linens with vigorous sanitizing methods from a well-respected commercial company and keeping them tightly wrapped until you open them
  • Monitoring New Updates: Staying up to date on any new sciences or cleaning tips as they are published
  • Extra Services Offered: Offering mid-stay services to have your property sanitized/cleaned at your request
  • Bleaching: All counter-tops, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, allowing to sit 15 mins and wiping clean to kill the protein and RNA of the virus
  • Opening doors and windows: While cleaning to allow properties to properly air out and ventilate