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Myrtle Beach Pet Information

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We at Booe Realty know how important it is to have that special member of your family come along with you on your vacation. Why kennel them up when you can bring them to the beach? Booe Realty has many properties that allow pets. We have provided some very useful information for you regarding your pet, here in Myrtle Beach or at home. Please refer to our for a complete list of properties that will allow you to bring your family pet and create long lasting memories.

Our Pet page is the place to search for all your pet needs when traveling.

Dogs Playing on the Beach

Fun places for puppies

Myrtle Beach Barc Park
Mallard Lake Dr,
about 200 yards off Howard Pkwy on the left
Myrtle Beach, SC
Operating Hours: Sunrise - Sunset Managed By: City of Myrtle Beach (843) 918-2390

The New YMCA on 62nd Barc Park
62nd Ave North
Myrtle Beach, SC

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