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Interested in becoming the newest Booe Realty Myrtle Beach homeowner?

Please take the opportunity to explore the vast amount of information that this site has to offer relating to Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Management as well as Long term Annual Rental Management here in Myrtle Beach. Are you looking for a rental management company to handle the rentals and associated issues that arise 24-hours a day every day of the year? If so, then you have found the right company that has been serving the Grand Strand area in vacation rentals, annual rentals, and sales since 1971. We are one of the oldest vacation rental agencies on the beach and have been an icon for decades. Please click on either link that fits your property and venture off to our wonderful world of rentals here in Myrtle Beach. These comprehensive pages will direct you to all of the information that you will need to become the next Booe Realty homeowner. You are just a click away!

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental & Long Term Rental Property Management Services

Booe Realty offers unparalleled service and attention to all of its vacation and annual homeowners. We go that extra mile and pride ourselves on not charging our homeowners on the Vacation Rental or Long Term Rental Management program for services that other agencies may charge. There is no place for excessive charges on our owner’s statements. Many routine services are included in the low management fee associated with your property. We have an in-house maintenance department that can handle many issues that arise. We also have an in-house, award–winning cleaning department that is second to none. We will take care of your property as if it is our own the Vacation Rental or Long Term Rental Department.

Vacation Rental & Long Term Rental Marketing Services

Booe Realty has an extensive, strategic and innovative Marketing Department that concentrates on the ever-changing market. Even though Booe Realty’s largest source of rental income comes from repeat business, for our Vacation Rentals and longevity with our Long Term Rental Department, we are constantly, on a daily basis, seeking new markets, via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), remarketing ads and Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns. All of this to enhance your rental income revenue. Since supply and demand change with the economy, we focus our efforts on satisfying the needs of the vacationing family. We offer 24 hour vacation online booking through our website. Our toll free number allows guests to call from North America and speak to our friendly reservations staff that is ready to assist our guests in planning their memorable family vacation.

Vacation Rental & Long Term Rental Accounting & Finance Services

Booe Realty’s reservation and accounting system combines accounting and maintenance into one simple to understand statement for our Vacation Rental owners and our Long Term Rental owners. We have up-to-the-minute accounting available through our website for charge issues, maintenance issues and work orders, and Booe Realty vendor charges. Each month, your rental income is reported on an easy to understand statement, which can also be viewed online. For your convenience, we offer direct deposit of rental income, at no charge, directly to your bank account. At the end of the year, a 1099 will be sent to you along with a year end statement that your accountant will understand.