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Yuletide Greetings
Posted by booeadmin | Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It seems we have flown right through the Thanksgiving Holiday and now Christmas is right around the corner.  Yet there is STILL so much going on in Myrtle Beach, that the time is just right for a quick trip. 

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all. Well it is that time of the year again. Christmas and Hanukkah are here and we are all preparing for that fun festive time. I hope that all readers are well, happy and healthy. Please remember the reason for the season.

All is well here in sunny Myrtle Beach. Temperatures are still in the 70's, not a cloud in the sky and we are feeling great. We are preparing for the arrival of the winter snow birds (Winter Rentals). Each year, we have an influx of winter guests that arrive at the beach right after the holidays to take advantage of the weather, great rates, shopping, and empty beaches. What a great time to enjoy what Myrtle Beach as well as the surrounding areas have to offer. If you have not visited our website for our winter specials, please do so. Stay with us for 90 days and avoid sales tax!

I would like to say a word to the real estate investors out there. As you know, times are tough but getting better, especially in the realestate market. This leads me to the point regarding Myrtle Beach. There are tremendous properties out there at fantastic prices. Interest rates are low and there are sellers looking for buyers. Please visit our website for our company listings or call one of our professionals to let them assist you in owning a"piece of the beach".  These prices will not last for long so take advantage of owing your place in sunny Myrtle Beach.

From all of us here on the Booe Crew, we would like to wish each and every one of you a joyous and happy Holiday Season. May peace and prosperity be with you all now and in the upcoming year.   

Merry Christmas,
The Booe Crew!

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