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10 Jul 2020
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We’ve laid out some fun facts about why the beach is good for you, and some ideas about how you can enjoy it all in Myrtle Beach this summer.

Every year, families look forward to that much anticipated summer break, to get away from the rigors and schedule of daily life. The kids are out of school and it’s the perfect time to step away from it all and just relax for a while. Ah yes, our precious vacation is a time-honored tradition that we’ve often taken for granted.

However this summer, things look a little different. The kids have been out of school since the spring. Work consists of zoom meetings and trying to find a quiet place to concentrate for even a moment. Some may even be stressed and concerned for what the future holds. All of this is precisely the reason why you need a beach vacation! Your health and sanity may depend on it!

1. Salt water is great for your skin 

The ocean is full of anti-aging minerals that can counter the decline of your skin's elasticity. Not to mention salt water is considered a natural healing agent. Iodine and salt in the water work to completely destroy bacteria and fungi on your skin that cause breakouts. Once the sun opens up our pores, the salt water is then able to go in and pull out the toxins. No more blemishes, uneven skin, or excess oils! So dive in and soak up some salt!! Ever wanted to take a surf lesson or learn to paddleboard? Head over to Kokopelli’s Surf Camp where you’ll find all you need to get out on the water. 

2. Sand is a natural exfoliator...

Oh, the gritty, get everyplace sand! Sand does a fantastic job exfoliating our feet, hands, and body. Nothing removes dead skin cells quite like course bits of sand! So lay down in the sand, roll around and exfoliate yourself, you won’t be the only one! Myrtle Beach has some of the best beaches on the east coast and something for everyone. If you’re looking to be close to all the action then head over to Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. If the boardwalk scene isn’t for you, we’d recommend you check out Huntington Beach State Park, Cabana District, or the Golden Mile for a quieter scene. 

3. Vitamin D is the supplement of the day… 

Sure, you think of milk when you think of Vitamin D, but in truth, people can get most of their daily dose from sun exposure.In fact, at the beach, you can reach your supplement within 10 minutes. But be sure to pack the sunscreen, the sun is strong and sunburns are no fun. After a day in the sun, there’s nothing more relaxing or beautiful than watching a Myrtle Beach sunset. Either from high up on the balcony of your accommodation or right out on the beach, a breathtaking sunset is good for the soul. 

4. Exercise and Sleep go hand in hand… 

A brisk walk, a fun bike ride, or a quick swim are great ways to get the body moving. The beach offers endless exercise opportunities. Ever wanted to try yoga? Yoga at Cherry Grove Beach offers outdoor yoga classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Beach sounds encourage healthy sleep patterns and nothing helps you sleep better than a day at the beach and the sound of waves crashing ashore all night.

So we invite you to unplug, re-charge and rejuvenate with some salt water, sand, and good old vitamin D. The beach and all that it has to offer is the ultimate stress reducer.  Myrtle Beach is the perfect spot to unwind and decompress while having plenty of fun, entertaining things to do for the whole family. ….see why you need the beach in your life!!!!

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