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27 Aug 2020
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2020 has taught us to think about virtually everything with a new perspective. We’ve learned to quickly shift, adapt, and adjust, and most of all, to focus on what matters in life- our family, our health and happiness. 

One important shift is that for many, school looks very different than it did a year ago. As we start this school year, many schools and parents have opted for remote learning or virtual classrooms.  This means the “classroom” can be anywhere you choose it to be. And with the growing trend in remote work for many parents, this means a huge change in lifestyle. What better way to keep your kids focused and engaged than through a change of scenery and the introduction of new and exciting experiences. And, what better way to connect as a family- explore new areas, spend quality time together, and make lasting memories.  

Myrtle Beach is not just a summer destination...

It's a wonderful year-round destination offering educational opportunities and new experiences at every turn. There are so many places the locals love that are off the beaten path that are simple and inexpensive, yet rich in experience and fun! We’ve compiled a few ideas for combining distance learning with new experiences that will have long-lasting memories. This could be THE field trip of the year.


Enjoy some of the best bird watching on the east coast at Huntington Beach State ParkTake a nature walk at Vereen’s Memorial Garden, but watch out for the haunted cemetery! Appreciate the other waterfront at Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk! Remember to ask about the goats!


Take in a minor league baseball game at the Pelican’s Stadium. Or, enjoy a day of fishing off one of the many piers along the Grand Strand or charter a full or half day fishing trip. 


We highly recommend a visit to the Myrtle Beach Art Museum where the admission is free to everyone. They have kids programs, events, a pottery studio and more! Check out their website for up to date info about their programs, hours of operations, and safety protocols. 


(photo credit: TWBUCKNER / CC BY 2.0 creative commons)

Travel north to the visit the infamous Kindred Spirit Mailbox in Sunset Beach.  Oh the wonder of the stories in the journals. Located on the shores of Bird Island, the story of the history of the mailbox will fascinate you. Sit on the nearby bench and write your own message to put in the mailbox. 


Visit Myrtle Beach's oldest gift shop, the Gay Dolphin Gift Cove has been an anchor in the Myrtle Beach community since the 1940s. Just think of the history this place offers. See what farm life was about in the early 20th century with a true-life farm at The L.W. Paul Living History Farm.

And the best part about all of this is that the beach is your backyard! So when the kids are done with homework and zoom classes, head out for a little beach time, sun, and swimming. Maybe Mom and Dad can even close the laptop early and enjoy some beach time and recharge and refresh!