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13 Mar 2020
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Keep the Traditions in Myrtle Beach

Here we are at the beginning of, not just another year but a NEW DECADE! We have moved into the future of the Jetson’s! But where are our flying cars??? Oh well, we may not have robot maids, though we are getting close, we do have sandy beaches, sunny skies and warm ocean breezes! A phenomenon that never gets old. Who says out with the old and in with the new? Myrtle Beach Vacations are a tradition custom-built from memories and history. A tradition we plan to keep for many years (and decades) to come!

Even though we are already mid-January, it’s never too early to think about a Myrtle Beach Vacation! With this New Year, some parents have seen their children move off to college, some have blessed their child into marriage, some parents have even been blessed to extend their families and graduate to Grandparents after years of being just the parents. We have all experienced good, emotional and memorable events that will be remembered as we move through the new year and moreover, the new decade. But we all have created memories that will last us a lifetime throughout.

That’s why it’s important each year to keep tradition alive, keep making memories and keep taking vacations with your family. Actually, it is suggested that taking trips with your family promotes closeness by giving you time to enjoy the togetherness without the demanding schedules of work and school.

There are many benefits as to what traveling provides children;

  • Social awareness
  • Learning experiences
  • Grows their self-confidence

Family time on vacation has a dramatically powerful impact on overall health and the biggest benefit…IT’S FUN! Creating memories with your family that will last a lifetime. As they say, “leave the footprints, take the memories.” What better reason for a family vacation.

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Remember, always BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE!!!

We’ll see you on the beach!