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Booe Realty's Early Bird Specials
Posted by booeadmin | Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greetings this cold January day in sunny Myrtle Beach. Yes, it gets cold here occasionally. We have had an Arctic Express travel through Myrtle Beach this week. Things are warming up and so are the vacation rentals. We are currently running a once-a-year Early Bird special that will not only save you many vacation $$$ but give you the opportunity to pick from a wide selection of vacation rental properties. Choose from hundreds of properties before the inventory starts dropping off the shelf. Take advantage of these savings.

I would like to mention something about the economy. Being in the vacation rental and sales business, we are dependent on our guests staying with us each year and possibly investing in real estate. While we are providing very nice acommodations, we need help through the media to encourage the public to spend their almighty dollar. Next time you are watching a TV news show, count how many stories are "negative" towards the economy. Although they are reporting news, why can't they report positive aspects about the economy thus giving us confidence to spend money, invest in the markets, and take vacations?? With all of the bad news that we hear every day with job losses, cut backs, rising gas prices, the sagging economy, etc. Why would anyone want to spend money anywhere? Everybody is scared. If the news media would stop spreading the bad news around and start introducing "good news", our economy just might start the long awaited rebound. I encourage you to write letters, emails, etc to spread this news and lets start looking and moving forward...not backwards!!

Another word on the Myrtle Beach Bike weeks. We are booking a great deal of vacation rentals to our loyal biker guests. Although many, if not all, of these guests are concerned about if they are welcome or not. I would like to say again that you are welcome here at Booe Realty. We invite you to come stay with us. Enjoy the beach and have a nice time. There are many things to do around this area.

If you are a regular reader of this blog and care to comment, please feel free to do so. You may or may not agree with these thoughts. Please visit our website on a regular basis to view the latest specials as well as new property additions. We'll see you on the beach!!

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