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31 Dec 2020
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Booe Realty Celebrating 50 Years in 2021!

As we approach the end of 2020, I think we can all agree, this was definitely not the kick-off we wanted for a new decade.  However, I believe we learned some things about ourselves during this time.  

We learned we are resilient.  

We are resourceful.

We love to travel.

We learned new hobbies.

We realized our skill sets.

We know home is where the heart is.

But most importantly, we learned to appreciate.    

Here at Booe Realty, we are very appreciative of what we have.  For example, in 2021, Booe Realty will be celebrating 50 years of business serving Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area!  How can we not be grateful for such a privilege?  

Early History... 

Booe Realty was created and founded by Bob and Maggie Booe and opened its doors in 1971 as a small Real Estate and Rental Company with just a handful of vacation rentals and one annual rental. Back then, Myrtle Beach was a small town with a population of 8536 people and Booe was the “only game” in town when it came to vacation rentals. 
The couple operated out of an office located on 77th Ave. North on Kings Hwy.  Bob was very active in the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and worked diligently to put Myrtle Beach on the map as a top tourist destination.  Throughout the years, Booe Realty came to be a mainstay in the Myrtle Beach Real Estate market, growing each year, soon becoming a true Myrtle Beach icon in the Vacation Rental industry with a large inventory of both short and long term rentals for guests to choose from.
Booe Realty

When Bob passed away in the early 90’s, Maggie Booe continued to run the business until 1995.  She then sold the company to Miller Hawkins, who grew up in Myrtle Beach.  Miller was living in Arlington Texas at the time, and shortly thereafter moved his wife and two children to the beach to run the company. 

A New Era At Booe... 

Since purchasing the company, Miller has kept the Booe Realty name and stayed in the same location.  The business has expanded, continues to grow, and thrives in the real estate world of vacation rentals, annual rentals and sales.  Our motto is “We’ll see you on the Beach” and our staff has proudly been named The Booe Crew! Our commitment to serving our guests and owners is unwavering and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide uncompromised service.

Booe Crew

Booe Realty Today... 

It is a true accomplishment in today’s world to be able to celebrate 50 years of service. Booe has been able to adapt over the years as the industry and technologies have evolved and become more sophisticated and complex. Our loyal “Booe Crew” has many decades of combined service and experience, a testament to the culture of our company and the value we place on our business and our community. We have truly succeeded in becoming “golden”. 

Booe Celebrates 50 Years in Business

As we reflect on approaching our 50 years of business, it’s important to thank our owners, guests, tenants and those that contributed to our success.  We would not be celebrating such a milestone without them.  Now, we look forward to what’s to come in 2021!