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26 May 2022
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In Myrtle Beach, we eat, sleep, and breathe golf and it's why we've earned ourselves the title of Golf Capital of the World. With around 90 golf courses, teeing off is a regular part of life in Myrtle Beach, but if you're not very good with your long game, don't worry. Not only is Myrtle Beach famous for it's full golf game but we have made quite a name for ourselves in the world of mini golf as well. Dodging obstacles and tapping our way into the top, we are now the Mini Golf Capital of the World and we did it with only one club in hand. 

There are more than 50 mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach with a wide variety of themes and fun at every one. Every year the US ProMiniGolf Association play's its annual Master's Tournament here and millions of visitors also get the chance to practice their putting skills. With so many to try, you could practice the entire time you're here! If you're not good with a driver or the irons, mini golf might be the sport for you. For the best mini golf (or "putt putt" as we call it) in the world, you have to start planning your trip to Myrtle Beach. Here are some of our favorite spots to check out while you're in town. 

family playing mini golf

1. Hawaiian Rumble

Home to the annual US ProMiniGolf Association Master's Tournament, Hawaiian Rumble is one of the most legendary courses in the Grand Strand. Featuring a 40-foot volcano that erupts frequently and the soothing sounds of Hawaiian music, you'll have a blast on this challenging but fun course. You can play where the pros play and see how you fare dodging traditional traps and seeking that ellusive hole-in-one. 

2. Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff

With two different courses to choose from and 75 foot tall putting towers, Mt. Atlanticus is hard to miss during your time in Myrtle Beach. This course takes you through 4 levels of play with some photo-worthy opportunities at the top of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy play through caves, huts, and winding paths for an unforgettable day of play. Try your hand on the extra hard 19th hole for a lifetime pass if you get a hole-in-one! 

3. Mayday Golf

Located in North Myrtle Beach, you can choose to play through Mayday Mountain or Rescue Falls or both during your visit to Mayday Golf. This golf course features a plane crash and rescue helicopter for whimsical, family fun. This course is both challenging and a lot of fun at the same time. Enjoy some fun family photos with the crashing plane at this staple of the Myrtle Beach mini golf scene. 

4. Captain Hook's Adventure Golf

One of the highest-rated golf courses in Myrtle Beach, Captian Hook's Adventure Golf offers a seafaring fun time for all ages. With two courses and childhood wonder all around, you can help Peter Pan rescue Tinkerbell as you play your way through the course. This course allows you to put on a ship on the water and watch as the alligator tries to snap up Captain Hook. 

5. Lost Treasure Golf

Take a train ride up the mountain to start your adventure at Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf. This professionally built and maintained course offers a fun ride to the top of the mountain as you play your way down one of two 18-hole courses. This course is affordable to play and you get more than half off if you want to play a second round. The kids will love the train ride and the parents will appreciate the memories. 

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