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25 Feb 2020
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Property Management

Hiring the right property management company will make the rental experience with your investment a breeze. Managing a rental property entails an immense amount of dedicated time and work. From finding the right tenants/guests to accounting and everything in between. Hiring a property management company can easily become one of your greatest reliefs, taking so many things off of your plate such as:

•Tenant/Guests screening
•Maintaining of your property
•Handing Leases/Contracts
•Handling of security deposits
•Collecting rent
•Marketing & Advertising
•Setting marketable rates to remain competitive.

That said, your property manager will be making decisions on your behalf, therefore making it extremely important that you do your homework during the hiring process. When searching for the right property management company, consider things such as:

•How close the company is to your property? It’s important to have someone in the area that knows the area that can reach your property in a matter of minutes.
•The property manager’s experience. Take a moment to look into the history of the company. There is a reason some property management companies have been successful for so long.
•What is the maintenance policy with a property management company? Having an in house, 24/7 maintenance crew is one of the most important aspects of a management company. In house maintenance offers low cost for repairs, providing you someone that knows your property and someone that can assist you in any upgrades or projects.
•Always check References/Reviews
•What type of properties do they currently manage and how successful are those properties?
•The marketing of their properties. Take some time to venture their websites/ads.
•What “excess/other fees” do they charge to your account? Sometimes the stated management fee isn’t always reflected in your Net Income.

Is Booe Realty a good fit for you?

Booe Realty offers unparalleled service and attention to all of its vacation and annual homeowners. We go that extra mile and pride ourselves on not charging our homeowners for services that other agencies may charge. There is no place for excessive charges on our owner’s statements. Many routine services are included in the low management fee associated with your property. We have an in-house maintenance department that can handle many issues that arise. We also have an in-house, award–winning cleaning department that is second to none. We will take care of your property as if it is our own.

Booe Realty goes the extra mile to carry the cost of advertising and promoting your property on various websites and OTA’s (Online Travel Agents). Generating revenue for your investment through various trusted sources is what a rental management company should be focused on and Booe Realty does just that.

What Booe Realty provides you;

Strong ties within the worldwide rental industry to gain insight and experience.
Competitive management fee without hidden charges
In house accounting
Direct Deposit of rental income at no charge to you
In house marketing with years of experience
We will maintain your property as if were our own

Booe Realty has been providing service to the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area since 1971. We know the area and we want to know you!