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Myrtle Beach Winters
Posted by booeadmin | Monday, February 2, 2015

Calling all Snowbirds!  Are you getting tired of the cold yet?  Have you had your fill of snow with still more to come?  After last week’s blizzard, I would think many bags are being packed to head to the warm south to thaw out and enjoy our warm temperatures! Well, then you need to check out Myrtle Beach winters!  We are officially a year round destination with mild winter temperatures. Last week, we were enjoying mid 60’s temps!

A few years back, Myrtle Beach focused mainly on the summer season.  When the winter set in and school started, restaurants would close and shops would operate on winter hours only.  Basically, everyone took the winter off except for a few people that trekked out of the cold up north and onto the beach to escape the freezing weather. 

Each year, this group of snowbirds that flocked to the south grew larger making Myrtle Beach the year round place to be.  With over 1500 restaurants, deep sea fishing, great golf, and too many shopping and theater attractions to count how could we resist welcoming our northern neighbors into our local festivities? 

More and more vacationers and retirees are discovering how enjoyable it is to visit the Grand Strand during the fall, winter and early spring.  Many of Booe Realty’s Myrtle Beach properties are available by the month at greatly affordable prices from October through March of each year.

So many events and festivals have been implemented into the winter season just for the many individuals that look to escape the snow, sleet and ice.  Such as Taste of the Marshwalk that takes place in Murrells Inlet each February, or Ripley’s Family Fun Run that is now an annual event at Broadway at the Beach.  For the long distance runners, why not try out the Myrtle Beach Marathon?

Also, many Valentine’s Day events are also sprinkled along the Grand Strand for our many snowbirds.  Not to mention the many oysters festivals that take place for various locals.  These too have now grown considerably and gladly extend a warm hand to the many snowbirds that look forward to these events each year just as the locals do.

Ready to come to Myrtle Beach yet?  Need more…. How about March events? The North Myrtle Beach St Patrick’s Day parade is very popular with our locals and winter residents alike. We have a number of Irish pubs that may the “wearin of the green” an event that lasts for days.

The Grand Strand always extends a welcome to our northern neighbors from Canada! We even see some Northern friends join the polar bear plunges that sprinkle the Strand during winter. Many places offer “Can-Am Days” and specials Canadian get-together events.

Business is booming and blooming.  Far from being a winter wasteland – the Grand Strand has turned into a winter wonderland. Imagine Camellias and other flowers that actually bloom in our “winter” season.

What to wear?  While we have occasional cold snaps, most winter days, you can just pull on a sweatshirt or light jacket to enjoy the salt air. Save your winter boots and heavy coats for when YOU will visit your up-north friends. Better yet, invite them down here to visit you- and escape the frosty weather! We can surely find them a nice place to stay.

The Grand Strand is 4 seasons - for 4 reasons – weather, friendly people, lots to do, and beach livin’. We look forward to helping you LIVE THE DREAM”.

So, Stop what you are doing and head south to sunny and warm Myrtle Beach.  Stay a few days, possibly a week, or move down and become a local! 
We’ll see you on the Beach!

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