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Looking to move to the beach?
Posted by booeadmin | Friday, April 11, 2014


After the winter everyone's had up north, we are swamped with calls and inquiries from folks looking to “not spend one more winter up there”.

BooeRealty manages over 370 long term rentals and many of our tenants are folks from the North and Midwest.


Movingto the beach sound like a “dream” that many folks want to turn into reality.


If you are considering a move here, we would make the following suggestions-

Researchour website and those of other property management firms in the area.This will give you an idea what rental rates are and what your rental dollar will get you in the way of housing here.


Make sure if you have any beloved “four foot” family members, that you search for “pet possible” or “pet friendly” properties. There are many HOAs here (home owners associations) that will not allow a tenant to have a pet.


It is unwise to pack up and arrive here expecting to find and move into a property immediately. The rental application process can take 1-3 days.

We often have folks complete a rental application from their home base- we handle the appropriate verifications- and get them approved before they arrive.

This action will give you a leg up on the competition . If you wait until you arrive, bring pay stubs, copies of bank records, etc to facilitate the application process.


It is recommended to keep an eye on our website- or those of a competitor to see the ever-changing inventory. We are in the HOTTEST rental market in years and properties are flying off the shelf- many renting before the present tenant has even vacated. It is never recommended to rent a property “sight unseen”. What may look good on the outside-may be a disappointment when you get here.


Our annual staff have many years experience in long term rentals. We enjoy meeting and getting acquainted with folks new to the area and trying to fulfill their rental needs. Many of our tenants have rented form us for years- single, getting married, getting divorced, retirees, transplants from other areas…..
We are here to assist you and offer a level of professionalism that will make your move here go smoothly.

Give us a call @ 1-800-845-0647, we'll be glad to get you to the beach!

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