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Introducing two NEW Booe Realty Hot Vacation Rental deals
Posted by booeadmin | Monday, April 13, 2009

Greetings from sunny and warm Myrtle Beach. We are warming up here with more to come!! I sincerely hope that all of had a wonderful and Happy Easter and Passover. With the holiday season past, we all now turn our attention to the upcoming summer season and the abundance of red hot vacation rental deals. I would like to announce that we have added two new incentive programs here at Booe Realty. We all know that the economy is in bad shape, and we are forever optimistic that things will turn around. Until they do, we are offering ways to make it easier and more affordable to take that much needed vacation. I would first like to introduce Booe Realty's "Deal-of-the Day". This daily special will offer a specific Booe Realty property at incredible savings that will only be valid for one day. Yes, just 24 hours and it is gone. We encourage you to visit our website each day until you find that special property that you have had your eyes on. Call in and grab it before someone else does!

The second program that we are introducing here at Booe Realty is the "Last Minute Bid" special. We know that each of you have a certain budget that you can spend for a vacation. Got your eye on a property that is available for an arrival within the next 21 days? Well you are in luck. Click on our link to the Last Minute Bid, select your property, fill out the required information, place your bid, and wait for a return email or phone call from a Booe Crew Staff member with an acceptance or counter offer. Who knows, your bid may be accepted. Just think of the incredible savings that you will enjoy allowing you extra money to spend on meals and entertainment while you are here or perhaps on next year's vacation!!

Your next affordable vacation is just a click away. Please visit our website for the two new incredible specials. Find it, book it, save-save-save, and then start packing for a wonderful vacation with memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you all here in Myrtle Beach at a Booe Realty vacation property soon! We'll see you on the Beach!

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