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Election Day in Myrtle Beach
Posted by booeadmin | Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is November 4, 2008 and we all know what day it is...ELECTION DAY. Yes, today we will make history. A new President will be elected and from what the polls are saying, that man will be Barack Obama. Who ever gets elected, there is a strong desire for change, especially here in the South, in our economic state. The housing market is as low as it has been in many years. Our retirement portfolios are dwindling, and the our mental outlook for our future is dim. So yes, hopefully whoever gets elected will change all of this and put our great country back on track to becoming a leader again.

In regards to the future, I would like to say that we are excited about the upcoming year. I have just returned from a Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) conference in Phoenix. I have brought back many ideas from this conference relating to the vacation rental business and what the vacationing guests are not only looking for but now expecting. Please visit our website in the upcoming weeks to see what properties, including new additions, we have to offer for the 2009 season here at Booe Realty.

We are all excited about the upcoming Holiday Season here in Myrtle Beach. The numerous Holiday shows and great shopping venues will get anyone in the Holiday spirit. Please visit the Specials section of the website for up great deals and great savings for your next vacation. Let our staff assist you in arranging tickets to these shows. The Myrtle Beach rental accommodations market has become very competitive, so why not look for that special deal when shopping?

Speaking of Myrtle Beach, the Fall season here is absolutely beautiful. The weather is still warm (usually mid to upper 70's), the water is a nice (usually 75 degrees), and the crowds have diminished. Why not come to the beach, enjoy the lowest rates of the year, and take advantage of the many activities that will make memorable family vacations. Our friendly staff or website will direct you to these restaurants, golf courses, shows, and much more.

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