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Post Florence 2018
Posted by Hope Robbins | Friday, September 28, 2018

Thankfully, our cities along the coastline on the Grand Strand made it through Florence pretty well unscathed and are wide open and sunny!

However, our neighbors to the North were not so lucky. Areas in North Carolina were hit hardest with Florence’s wrath. Her wind and rains left some serious damage behind. But other areas, such as parts of the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside and Garden City were spared from devastation.

Behind these coastal cities are towns. Towns and communities where people live and raise families that work in these coastal cities, rely on these areas for their income and make the commute to the coast every day. These people are ones that provide the linens on the beds or cook a steak to perfection or run the little shop at one of the many shopping venues. These are people that vie to provide the perfect family vacation. These areas and these folks’ homes did not fare so well.

Here it is 3 weeks after Florence and these communities are left in a state of despair with their homes being flooded, roads being washed away and travel into the city becoming precarious and sometimes nonexistent.

For example, some of our restaurants are running slight crews because not all co-workers have access to open roads and can make it in, but a few are still there smiling and cooking up awesome goodness.

Our rural areas are weary, water logged and worried, but we want to see your smiling faces because we all want our “normal” back. We want to get back to business. We want to share our beach. We ask that you do come see us. We also ask you pack your patience and exercise kindness. As that waiter that served you dinner probably drove at least three hours from his temporary housing to be able to provide you excellent service because that’s what we are all about.

For those displaced by Florence, Booe would like to help you. Booe is offering nightly rentals or if a rental is needed longer, Booe offers monthly rentals as well. You can read more about these offers here.

We are a community that lives and breathes the beach and we love sharing it. We also know how important it is to give back to our communities in times of need. Here are a few organizations in the area that are taking donations

Habitat for Humanity

Helping Hand of MB

  • Helping Hand of MB is in need of pork and beans, pasta sauce, canned veggies- tomatoes, mixed vegetables, carrots, spinach, pinto beans, and potatoes. Also ramen noodles, instant potatoes, and canned fruit. Donations can be made Monday through Friday from 9-2. Just come to the back door for Helping Hand. In the same building as the Community Kitchen but we are a completely different agency

Harvest Hope Food Bank

United Way Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund

Red Cross

Local churches and schools are doing donation drives such as Ocean View Baptist, Conway schools, Loris schools and Kingston Elementary.

Suggested Donation Items:

  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers
  • Baby Food/Supplies

Help Booe help our community!

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