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The Great American Eclipse 2017-An event not to be missed
Posted by Hope | Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mark your calendar for August 21st, 2017

Don't Miss These Special Eclipse Highlights!

Just two more weeks until the Total Solar Eclipse, making Myrtle Beach one of the hottest spots on the planet to view this extraordinary phenomenon. We're excited about this rare opportunity to participate in this event, as well as all of the celebrations in our area before, during and after the eclipse.

What can we expect in the path of complete totality? Here are some highlights:

  • We will get to experience the colors of sunrise and sunset all around us. As the moon passes over the sun, this also sets up the sky for planet viewing. The stars will be shimmering as well as a few planets.
  • There will be shadow bands, also known as shadow snakes. Shadow bands are thin, wavy lines of alternating light and dark that can be seen moving and undulating in parallel on plain-colored surfaces immediately before and after a total solar eclipse, NASA said.Accuweather states that some people also call these shadow snakes since their wavy motion can look like snakes slithering on the ground. There is no scientific explanation of the bands, but they only occur right before and right after the eclipse and are not always visible or very faint.
  • Expect the temperature to drop. Once the sun is covered, not only will the environment around you change, but the climate will change as well with a temperature drop. It is said it could drop a good 20 degrees, depending on length of totality.

There is so much to experience during this time, you won't want to miss it! With this event being such a treat, there are several area businesses offering viewing parties and celebrations.

Moon Shadow overHopsewee– Eclipse celebration from 10:30 till 4:30

Solar Eclipse Festival atBrookgreen Gardens- all day with Native Wildlife Zoo closing at 1pm on this day for the animals to adjust to the change in their environment.

Black Hole Sun Party: The Celebration of the Total Solar Eclipse at the House of Blues on the Deck from noon till 3pm.

Community Gathering at Horry Georgetown Tech College campus at 2pm for the eclipse.

Here are more FAQs on eclipse viewing:

What is a solar eclipse: A solar eclipse is when the moon completely passes over the sun creating a shadow over the earth or “nighttime” during the day for a brief time.

How long does eclipse last: Depending on your viewing area, the eclipse will last from 50 seconds to a full 2 minutes.

Best place to view an eclipse: Myrtle Beach will be in 99% totality, which will still be a spectacular show, but full totality will begin just south of Murrells Inlet. If you are in Myrtle Beach, you only minutes from driving into full totality.

To make sure you don't miss out on this once in a lifetime experience, reserve a property now so you can be here to get rested up and ready! Here at Booe, we are offering a 2 night minimum stay so you are not in the grid lock of traffic getting here AND a late check out at 2pm so you have plenty of time to reach your viewing destination!

We'll see you on the beach!

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