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August brings the Great American Eclipse
Posted by Hope | Friday, August 4, 2017

Wow, wasn't July like 5 minutes ago? Here we are already into August and at the end of peak season! But that's okay. With times changing, the beach is still wide open for business! The water is still warm, the weather is sunny and the best part is the beaches are not crowded. Now, finding out that schools are starting back a little later, you still have plenty of time to squeeze in a beach trip and a lower rates! Not to mention there is still so much to do.

August 21st, South Carolina gets to experience The Great American Eclipse! A true once in a lifetime event. The last time a total solar eclipse hit South Carolina, going coast to coast, was in 1918! The next one to pass this way isn't expected till the 2052! For complete totality in South Carolina won't be until the year 2078! So when we say a once in a lifetime event, for us South Carolinians, it truly is. Of course, there are still plenty of summer fun activities going on at Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Barefoot Landing. All the fun things they had going on through the summer will last all the way to Labor Day weekend. And don't forget to check out our specials page for even more great savings.

We'll see you on the beach!

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